Winter's Bone Premieres at Sundance

Winter's Bone, filmed in the Missouri Ozarks near Branson, MO, is seeing its world premiere at the 2010 Sundance Film Festival. The movie is premiering in the US Dramatic Competition category at Sundance.

Produced by Down to the Bone Productions, the movie depicts the rite of passage from adolescence to adulthood for Ree, a brave heroine who fights through adversity and in the process redefines family loyalty and discovers her own strength.

The film is based on the novel Winter's Bone by Southwest Missouri native Daniel Woodrell.

Letter from Winter's Bone Producer and Director

March 25th, 2009
To Whom it may Concern,

We just finished principal photography on an independent feature film called “Winter’s Bone.” The screenplay was adapted from a novel by Daniel Woodrell which takes place in rural Missouri, and this was why we first looked at shooting in Missouri.

We had no idea what to expect coming from a New York shooting background. What we found was fantastic. The Missouri Film Commission welcomed us at every turn, from accommodations to staffing, to advice with local unions: the film commission was extremely supportive and informative. Jerry Jones and Andrea Sprocic came to visit our set and always offered a friendly face and a helpful nudge. Missouri Film Commissioner Bill Lennon and Lynn Berry of the Branson Chamber of Commerce helped us out locally with securing our lodgings and offices at the Hilton, answering a million local questions and even helping with our wrap party. We would have been hard pressed to complete our shooting on time and budget without the film commission.

The Missouri residents in turn were welcoming, warm, and acted thrilled to have us here. People opened their homes and their businesses in support of our needs and completing our film. Jack Frost owns the stockyard in Springfield and made us feel like we were in our second home while taking over his business. He had no interest in being an “actor”, but was pleased to see it happen for the day. At the same time, local musicians and talent were excited to be part of the film. We even had a modest call for background that ended up attracting the attention of nearly 1500 people!

The tax incentive functioned beautifully for a small independent film like ours. We had a 2 million dollar budget overall, and ended up spending roughly 1.6 by the end of last week. The numbers are still coming in, and the auditor is going through them as we speak, but I would estimate that nearly $800,000.00 of that was in-state spending, most of which was in the Taney County/Christian County area.

All in all it was a fantastic experience. We would argue that there are things in Missouri that you can’t find anywhere else yet are indispensable: a neighbor with a tractor at 2am when your truck gets stuck, sprawling unspoiled landscapes, a surprising pool of talent and staff. However, the best part of Missouri by far has been the people. We will miss the community that welcomed us. We look forward to returning.


The “Winter’s Bone” Production
Kathryn Dean
Debra Granik
Anne Rosselini