Branson Brings Smiles to Traveling Teens

Your teen may not have been thrilled with the idea of a family getaway, but a Branson vacation always elicits a smile and offers countless reasons to forget about Facebook.

Are you stumped for ideas on where to go on vacation with teenagers? Your teen may not have been thrilled with the idea of a family getaway, but a Branson vacation always elicits a smile and offers countless reasons to forget about Facebook. And Twitter. And Instagram. And Snapchat. 

In short, Branson attractions turn your teen’s eye-rolling OMG reaction into a flurry of share-worthy LOL moments. Check out this teen-approved list of Branson activities and attractions. 

Ziplines and Other Adventures

One of Branson’s ziplines is a great way to get your teen amped during a family vacation. Reaching amazing heights and thrilling speeds, attractions such as Adventure Ziplines and the Vigilante Ziprider offer an experience your teen isn’t likely to forget anytime soon. For incentive, you might note the novelty of taking a “selfie” among the treetops of the Missouri Ozarks.

If ziplines aren’t on the itinerary, don’t fret. Branson has an abundance of adventurous offerings, from the interactive Castle of Chaos, which combines the suspense of a horror movie with the thrill of a first-person videogame, to the Branson Ballknocker, which offers a unique downhill ride for one to three people — it’s one you have to experience to fully appreciate.

Watersports and Lake Activities

Branson’s lakes offer another opportunity for you to connect with your teen. Visit one of the area’s beautiful marinas, rent a boat or personal watercraft — or both — and get out on the water and admire the views. Branson’s clean, clear lakes offer a variety of activities, from a leisurely swim to a full-fledged scuba diving adventure.

Live Shows and Entertainment

Of course, Branson’s amazing lineup of talented performers certainly knows how to keep your teen entertained. Whether it’s music, magic or dazzling feats of acrobatic skill, there’s something for everyone in Branson. If your teen is a night owl, check out the Branson Country USA Late Show, the fun begins at 10 p.m. and lasts deep into the night.

And if they’re interested in a show of a different kind, don’t miss the chance to see a movie on the big screen — the really big screen — at Branson’s IMAX Entertainment.

So that’s a quick primer on keeping your teen connected to the family, not the mobile device, during your next Branson vacation. For more inspiration and to start planning your Branson getaway today, continue browsing

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