The Branson Christmas Music Show Special Air Dates 2019

The Texas Tenors host The Branson Christmas Music Show Special airing nationwide Thanksgiving Weekend and more! Gather your family round the TV and tune into your favorite channel to watch this spectacular showcase of the Best Christmas Shows from Branson Missouri and get ready to plan your trip to the Music Show Capitol of the Ozarks!


WGN AMERICA – Saturday, 11/30/19, 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern

RFD TV – Thursday, 12/12/19, 9pm Central / 10pm Eastern – second run – Saturday, 12/14/19, 7:00am Central / 6:00am Eastern



Chicago, IL

WGN –  Thursday 11/28, 7-8pm;  second run – Saturday, 11/30, 2-3pm


St. Louis, MO

KPLR –  Thursday, 11/28, 7-8pm;  second run – Saturday, 11/30, 1-2pm


Dallas, TX

KDAF –  Saturday, 11/30 – 6-7pm;    second run – Saturday, 11/30, 12-1am


Kansas City, MO

WDAF – Sunday, 12/2 – 1-2am


Des Moines, IA

WHO –  Thursday, 11/28, 2-3pm;  second run – none


Oklahoma City, OK

KFOR –  Thursday, 11/28, 5pm-6pm;  second run – tba


Indianapolis, IN

WXIN –  Thursday, 11/28, 5-6pm;  second run – Saturday, 11/30, 12:30am – 1:35am


Houston, TX

KIAH –  Saturday, 11/30 – 6-7pm; second run – Saturday, 11/30 – 2am – 3am.


Milwaukee, WI

WITI –  Saturday, 11/30, 11pm – 12am;  second run – Thursday, 11/28 – 3am – 4am


New Orleans, LA

WGNO – Sunday, 12/1, 4pm – 5pm;    second run – Saturday, 11/30 – 3-4pm


Huntsville, AL

WHNT –  Saturday, 11/30, 11am – 12pm; second run – Sunday, 12/1 – 4pm – 5pm


Springfield, MO

KOZL-TV (MyNet) Fri 11/29/19 5pm

KRBK (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm

KOLR (CBS) Sat 11/30/19 6pm


Pittsburg, KS/Joplin, MO

KSNF (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 6pm

KODE (ABC) SAT 11/30/19 10:30pm

KSNF (NBC) Sun 12/1/19 10:30a


Fayetteville/Fort Smith/Rogers, AR

KNWA (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 5pm

KFTA (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Little Rock/Pine Bluff, AR

KARZ (MyNet) Fri 11/29/19 6pm

KARK (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 6pm


Topeka, KS

KSNT (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 5pm

KTMJ (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 3pm


Alexandria, LA

WNTZ-TV (FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 5pm

WNTZ-TV (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Abilene, TX

KTAB (CBS) Thurs 11/28/19 5:30am

KRBC (NBC) Thurs 11/28/19 6am


Amarillo, TX

KAMR (NBC) Sun 12/1/19 10a

KCPN (MNT) Sa 30-Nov 9pm


Baton Rouge, LA

WVLA (NBC) Thurs 11/28/19 5am & 6am (2 runs)

WGMB (FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 8am

WGMB (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Birmingham, AL

WIAT (CBS) Sat 11/30/19 12midnight


Champaign/Springfield/Decatur, IL

WCIX (MyNet) Sat 11/30/19 11am-12pm

WCIX (MyNet) Sun 12/1/19 9am-10am

WCIX(MyNet) Sun 12/1/19 11:30am-12:30pm


Dayton, OH

WDTN (NBC) Thurs 11/28/19 5pm

WBDT (CW) Sat 11/30/19 4pm


Davenport, IA/Rock Island/Moline, IL/Bettendorf, IA

WHBF (CBS) Thurs 11/28/19 3pm

KGCW (CW) Fri 11/29/19 9pm

KGCW (CW) Sat 11/30/19 7pm


Evansville, IN

WTVW (CW) Sat 11/30/19 4pm

WEHT (ABC) Sun 12/1/19 4pm


Fort Wayne, IN

WANE (CBS) Sat 11/30/19 7pm

WANE (CBS) Sat 12/7/19 11:35pm


Hattiesburg, MS

WHLT (CBS) Fri 11/29/19 9am


Jackson, TN

WJKT (FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 3pm

WJKT (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Jackson, MS

WJTV (CBS) Fri 11/29/19 9am

EJTV (WJTV D2 CW) Sat 11/30/19 12pm


La Crosse/Eau Claire, WI

WEUX (FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 8:30am

WEUX (FOX) Fri 11/29/19 9am


Lafayette, LA

KLFY Sat 11/30/19 6:30pm

KLFY Sat 12/7/19 630pm


Mobile, AL

WKRG (CBS) Sun 11/24/19 4pm

WF (CW) Sa/Su 11/30-12/1 12p-12a BTA


Monroe/El Dorado, LA

KARD (FOX) Fri 11/29/19 4pm

KARD (FOX) FRI 11/29/19 10pm (optional)


Nashville, TN

WKRN (ABC) Sun 12-12019 12p-5p


Peoria/Bloomington, IL

WMBD (CBS) Fri 11/29/19 3pm

WYZZ (FOX) Sat 11/30/19 5pm


Rockford, IL

WQRF(FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 5pm

WTVO D-2 (MyNet)Sat 11/30/19 6pm

WTVO (ABC) Sun 12/1/19 10:30pm


Shreveport, LA

KSHV (MyNet) Fri 11/29/19 7pm

KTAL (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 7pm


Sioux City, IA

KCAU (ABC) Thurs 11/28/19 6pm

KCAU (ABC) Sun 12/1/19 12pm


Sioux Falls, SD

KELO-TV (CBS) Thurs 11/28/19 2pm

UTV (D-2)(MyNet) Sun 12/1/19 8am


Terre Haute, IN

WTWO (NBC) Thurs 11/28/19 4pm

WAWV (ABC) Fri 11/29/19 7pm


Tyler/Longview, TX

KETK (NBC) Fri 11/29/19 3pm

KTPN (MNT) Sa 11/30/19 9pm


Wichita Falls, TX

KJTL (FOX) Thurs 11/28/19 6pm

KJBO (MNT) Sa 11/30/19 9pm


Wichita, KS

KSNW (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 6pm

KSNW (NBC) Sun 12/1/19 10:30am


Waco/Temple/Bryan, TX

KWKT (FOX) Sat 11/30/19 11am

KYLE (MyNet) Sat 11/30/19 8pm

KWKT (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Augusta, GA

WJBF (ABC) Sun 12/1/19 12:30pm

WJBF D2 (Me.TV) Sun 12/1/19 6pm


Austin, TX

KNVA (CW) Sat 11/30/19 7p-12a window

KBVO (MyNet) Sun 12/1/19 5p-12a window


Binghamton, NY

WBGH (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 7pm


Brownsville/Harlingen/Weslaco/ McAllen, TX

KVEO-TV (NBC) Sat 11/30/19 12:05am


Lubbock, TX

KLBK (CBS) Fri 11/29/19 6pm

KLBK (CBS) Sat 11/30/19 11:30am


Midland/Odessa, TX

KMID-TV (ABC) Sat 11/30/19 5pm

KMID-TV (ABC) Sun 12/1/19 12pm


Rapid City, SD

KCLO-TV (CBS) Thurs 11/28/19 1pm

CW+ (D2) Sun 12/1/19 12pm


Roanoke, VA

WWCW (CW) Sat 11/30/19 6p-9p window

WFXR (FOX) Fri 11/29/19 11p-1a window


Springfield, MA

WWLP D2(EWLP CW)Thurs 11/28/19 1pm


Tampa, FL

WTTA (MyNet) Sat 11/30/19 7pm


Youngstown, OH

WKBN (CBS) Thurs 11/28/19* 3pm*

WYFX (FOX) Sun 12/1/19 5pm


Columbus, GA

WRBL (CBS) Wed 12/25/2019* 5pm

*pending CBS Sports coverage or with an option to move run to

WKBN (CBS)/WYTV (ABC) 11/30 @ 7-8p.

Times subject to change. Sporting Events may cause schedule change. Please check your local listings for airdates.

Show listing on TV Guides might simply say CHRISTMAS MUSIC.

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