Families Discover Fun Things to Do in Downtown Branson

Here in Branson, there are many attractions that will give you the time of your life, whether it’s Silver Dollar City, Branson Zip Line, Parakeet Pete’s Balloon Ride or many others. Several of the area’s most popular things to do are located in Historic Downtown Branson.

Can You Escape?                                                                             

Find a way to escape from The Escape Branson at 203 S. Commercial Street, where you will be taken to rooms filled with puzzles and mystery. You will need to crack the code before you can get out. This fun attraction is something the whole family will enjoy!

New Dinosaur Museum

If you like prehistoric dinosaurs and fossils, then you won’t want to miss out on Downtown’s newest addition, Prehistoric Fossils located at 101 Veterans Boulevard. Whether it’s fossils or gems, minerals or educational items including other great prehistoric souvenirs, you are sure to find some of the coolest and most unique things in this store!

Branson History

Are you a history buff and want to know more about Branson and the Ozarks? Then you will want to visit the Branson Centennial Museum at 120 S. Commercial Street. Take a step back into time as you take a look at artifacts, books, and newspapers about Branson and the Ozarks. You’ll discover the deep and rich history of the area and learn new stories you’ve never heard before. There is also a video you can relax and watch that will take you back during the Civil War and onward.

Scenic Train Rides

Want to see more of the Ozarks? With the Branson Scenic Railway, you will be able to venture into the Ozarks with a beautiful picturesque view. Located at 206 E. Main Street, the train will take you through southwest Missouri or northwest Arkansas in the wilderness. For an hour and 45 minutes you will escape into the beauty of the Ozarks wildlife and ruins of long-ago communities. Seats are unassigned to passengers and you are welcome to tour the entire train! Refreshments are also provided on the Silver Lake car for purchase. You also won’t want to miss out on their dinner rides on Saturdays and the Polar Express during winter!

Live Entertainment

Branson is known for its music extravaganza and Downtown wouldn’t be complete without its theaters. The Historic Owen Theatre is located at 205 S. Commercial Street and was the first theater introduced to Branson. First starting out as the Hillbilly Theater in the 1930s, the Historic Owen Theater grew into the historical landmark it is today. There are shows currently running in the theater such as A Neil Diamond Tribute and The Carpenters Once More. You also won’t want to miss the Hot Hits Theatre located at 208 S. Commercial Street. Come experience classics such as Motown, Doo Wop, Country Sunshine, and their new Phil Thomas show.

You’ll enjoy all of your new experiences with each attraction in Historic Downtown!

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