History Come to Life

In Branson, everything is fun — even history.

For students and adults alike there are a variety of educational (and entertaining), interactive ways to experience history off the pages and in person. From pioneer festivals and spectacular performances to interactive exhibits with live characters, history served Branson-style is never boring.


Experience the history of the famous RMS Titanic in a whole new way at the Titanic Museum. This uniquely designed, interactive museum tells the story of the ill-fated British passenger liner and features more than 400 artifacts plus detailed reproductions of various parts of the ship—including a first-class passenger cabin, the deck on a cool night, and the famous grand staircase (great for reenacting scenes from the movie). Upon entering, you’ll receive a boarding pass with the name of an actual Titanic passenger or crew member. As you make your way through the exhibits, you may discover clues and facts about their life. At the end of the tour, find out their fate in the memorial room with over 2,200 names people aboard the ship are listed. Other interactive displays include turning the captain’s wheel, tapping out SOS on the wireless, shoveling coal, testing your balance on sloping decks or feeling the cold of an iceberg. “Crew members” in period costumes are nearby to answer your questions. A great adventure for kids and adults alike! The museum also features a number of guides and curriculum for educators available on their website.


This fall, take a trip back to the pioneer days with the National Harvest & Cowboy Festival at Silver Dollar City. From mid-September through October, over 125 visiting craftsmen demonstrate how to create everything from fiddle making and weaving to soap making and jewelry, all with period costumes and old-fashioned tools. There are also a variety of bluegrass and folk bands playing traditional music. Join in an old fashioned barn dance and experience the pioneer spirit. Although the foods is mostly modern, you can still catch a few frontier cooking workshops that demonstrate cooking in a cast-iron skillet or reciptes for a Dutch oven.


Live out history on a guided tour of McHaffie's Homestead where students will experience a day in the life of a pioneer. During Pioneer Day, each student will receive a biography card of an actual child that was born and raised in the homestead. Learning stations are also set up throughout the park to give students stories from the blacksmith, schoolmarm, weaver, general store workers and more. At the end of the pioneer experience, students will discover how their child emerged into adulthood, their profession and what happened to them as grown-ups.

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