New for Showboat Branson Belle

The 1880s-style paddlewheeler will undergo a two-year, multi-million dollar project to remodel the interior of the boat, including new carpet, paint, chairs, and the dock. The Showboat Branson Belle will also debut a new show later this year. 

The new experience starts with the dock and boarding process. Guests can enjoy updated shops, a Coke stand and better views of the lake with removal of previous ropes. Guests will now wait on the improved loading dock to be called and seated in rows. Among the improvements to the dock, guests will also see a new photo station reminiscent of a "Red Carpet" arrival, new decor, new seating, an expanded "Captain's Club" section, and new seating on the top deck. There will be a new stage set and stage show, and guests can also enjoy live acoustic performances on the top deck. The outside of the boat is also getting some improvements, too, including new paint. 

The Showboat Branson Belle will feature two new shows, "Country on the Lake" and a new version of "Celebrate." The newest show, "County on the Lake" is set to debut May 27 at noon, and will include a new menu for the show. Guests will also enjoy all of the old school Fanta flavors, and they're even going to start serving Squirt. 

Be sure to check out these new, exciting additions to the Showboat Branson Belle on your next vacation!

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