Sight & Sound Theatres: Star Snap Tour of Branson, MO

 We’ve placed nine star-shaped ground graphics around Branson that mark the best spot for the perfect photo. We’re calling them Star Snap Locations.

This Week’s Star Snap Featured Location: Sight & Sound Theatres

Cool shot by our Instagram friend @bekahhanson at Sight & Sound Theatre! Be sure to tag your Star Snaps with #ExploreBranson!

Sight & Sound Theatres is a family-friendly and entertaining Branson, MO experience. Sight & Sound Theatres is a performing arts theatre that is inspired by the teachings of Jesus and strives to visualize and dramatize the Bible through live stage productions. In the United States there are only two theatres that you can have this unique experience. One is located in Branson, MO and the other is located in Lancaster County, PA.

Even if you’re not familiar with biblical stories the experience at Sight & Sound Theatres is worth checking out. They’ve been putting on shows for over 35 years. The experience is top-notch and features the very latest in special effects, costuming, music and more. Each show’s music and stage performance is performed live. No recorded soundtracks here. It’s as authentic as live theatre can get!

Shows are available Tuesday-Saturday. Check their website for precise times. Be sure to check out some of the available packages too.

Want to learn more about the Sight & Sound Theatres? Check out this video!

FileSight & Sound Theatres - Where the Bible comes to life!

Fun Facts about Sight & Sound Theatres:

Sight & Sound Theatres is the largest faith-based live theatre in the United States and is often described as “Christian Broadway”.

In 1997 a devastating fire destroyed the Entertainment Centre in Pennsylvania, along with the majority of equipment, sets and half of the shop and storage buildings. Just one year later, the even larger Millennium Theater, packed with the latest in sound and lighting was opened to the public. 10 years later, a venue similar to the Millennium Theater was opened in Branson, MO.

The production timeline for a new show at Sight & Sound Theatres is typically 3 years. During this time the story is developed, scripts are written, sets and costumes are designed and built, music and choreography are created, actors are cast and animals are trained.

Want more facts about Sight & Sound Theatres? Check out their website.

“Best Show I Have Ever Seen”

That’s what TripAdvisor user Lori W. proclaimed after seeing Moses at Sight & Sound Theatres on her birthday.

Check out the full review below.

“Wow what a fantastic show. Went to see Moses and it was breath taking. Sight and Sound Theatres was beautiful and the show was the best I have ever seen. Will definitely be back to see other shows. It was my birthday and I could not have asked for a better gift.”

With reviews like that there’s no wonder why Sight & Sound Theatres maintains a full 5 Star rating on TripAdvisor!

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More Star Snap Locations!

Sight & Sound Theatres is just one of the many great experiences you’ll have when you visit Branson, MO. 

Here’s a sneak peek at some of the other Star Snap locations we've featured!

Dick’s 5 & 10

Dick’s 5 & 10 variety store in Branson, MO is full of surprises, and hands in candy jars. Thanks to our Instagram friend @kristenb502 for sharing this adorable picture.

Branson Ferris Wheel
(Formerly The Navy Pier Ferris Wheel)

The Branson Ferris Wheel, formerly the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel is Branson’s newest attraction. Twitter user @rondathiem took advantage of the perfect spot to take a Star Snap & used #ExploreBranson to share this photo with us! 

State Park Marina

The giant lawn chair at the State Park Marina is perfect for that fun picture with your tribe. Instagram user @lo_mo climbed up and shared this snap. Don’t forget to tag your shots #ExploreBranson when you visit. 

Branson Airport

Don’t forget to capture your Star Snap at the airport (BKG) in Branson. Whether you’re coming or going it couldn’t hurt to have one more photo to remember your Branson Experience. Thanks to @lizmabe for this creative shot of our Star Snap location at the airport.

Silver Dollar City

You can’t visit Branson without visiting Silver Dollar City! Instagram user @ash_a_leey_lem shared this Star Snap at the perfect spot, and you should, too.

Branson Landing

It’s all smiles & poses at Branson Landing. It is among one of the many must-see areas when you’re visiting Branson. Instagram user @a_man_duh517 captured this moment and shared it using #ExploreBranson. Be like @a_man_duh517.

Titanic Museum

All aboard the Titanic! Take a step back in time and experience the Titanic as one of the passagers with over 400 artifacts from the famous ship! Thanks to our Instagram friend @kaflint for sharing this family photo & using #ExploreBranson.

Dolly Parton's Stampede

The Dolly Parton's Stampede is a MUST SEE attraction on the Star Snap tour! Instagram user @kwahrmund shared this fun girl scouts Star Snap in front of the selfie star using #ExploreBranson!

Now that you know where to go to get your very own Star Snaps, it’s time to clear your phone memory to make room for your best Branson photos. All you need to do is share your Star Snaps with us by using #ExploreBranson and you could be featured on our social media channels! 

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