Signature Cocktails in Branson

If you can dream it and want to drink it, Jarda (pronounced Yarda) Vanek can create it.

This Czech Republic native is the banquet manager at the Branson Convention Center and he loves crafting signature cocktails for events. 
If your company logo is blue, he can whip up a blue potion.

The Branson Convention Center does not have a cocktail that it’s known for, instead Vanek can create custom concoctions for your group.
“A lot of times they have an idea of what they want. They know their people drink vodka or they want whiskey,” Vanek said. “Just tell me your budget and I can create what they want.”
But many businesses want to sip on something that stands out and is memorable.
Some companies go so far as to request Vanek order liquor from overseas, such as cachaça (pronounced ka-sha-sa). Cachaça is a Brazilian liquor made from sugarcane which is used in caipirinhas, an increasingly popular drink.
He makes an amazing, authentic caipirinha because his wife is Brazilian.
Vanek has even created libations with special effects like dry ice to create fog.
And because this is the Ozarks and the region is known for its moonshine, many companies want their signature cocktail to be made with moonshine to pay homage to that local tradition. Vanek has set up a moonshine tasting offering peach, strawberry, and raspberry moonshine.

It’s all about the customer.

When planning an event, he invites his customers to come and taste the signature drinks ahead of time to ensure that it's the right fit for the occasion,

And next door at the Hiltons of Branson, the team recently created a delicious signature cocktail called the "Moonrito". The Moonrito was designed for a group using locally-distilled rum from Copper Run Distillery in Branson. This drink is so refreshing and light - muddled with fresh lime and fresh mint-- a great option using locally-distilled spirits.

With signature drinks like the Moonrito and these other ideas, you're sure to put on the event that people are talking about for a long time.


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