Teambuilding Ideas at Big Cedar Lodge

Visitors who come to Big Cedar Lodge on group trips leave with an affinity for nature that’s matched only by the experiences shared with fellow group mates. It’s as if the wind that whistles through the trees surrounding our natural respite accompanies them all the way back to their doorstep or the corporate boardroom. We invite you to take part in the family of Big Cedar Lodge activities during your next group trip.

Ozark Olympics

Everyone has a little champion inside of them. But here in the Ozarks, the Olympics are all about fun. Channel your inner ‘Olympian’ for our special Big Cedar pie eating contest, ‘patty’ toss, cattle roping, seed spitting and hillbilly horseshoes among many other games that are guaranteed to have everyone laughing their way to the gold. This activity requires 15 people and has a one-hour minimum time commitment.

Cattle Drive

Nothing bonds a group of co-workers, family members or clients together like herding cattle on horseback. Your group will join our real life cowboys to gather the stunning herd of cattle and Texas longhorns who reside at Dogwood Canyon Nature Park. As a team, you’ll drive them to the greener pastures of the Ozark Mountains. Afterwards, the herd will be grazing and so will your group... at our outdoor chuckwagon supper prepared cowboy-style. This activity requires 10 people and a four-hour minimum time commitment.

Chili Cook-off

Your group is divided into teams. Each team is given the same ingredients and tools to cook up a great dish. You have one hour to become the Chili Champs! Each bowl of chili will be presented to our judges. This activity requires a minimum of 14 people and has an hour and a half minimum time commitment.

Lawn Games

In addition to Big Cedar’s wild surroundings, our property is also home to manicured lawns and games that everyone can enjoy. For your group, select from high energy games or more reserved sports such as horseshoes, corn hole or ladder golf. This activity requires a two-hour minimum.

Frisbee Golf Tournament

Is your team on target? Tests your skills with a fun and competitive round of Frisbee Golf! Your team will be put to the test as you navigate the course. Enjoy the fresh air, the natural beauty of the Ozarks and find out if there are any Frisbee fanatics amongst your group! First, second and third place winners will take home braggin’ rights and prizes. This one-hour minimum activity requires 10 people.

Stretch Breaks

Life at Big Cedar Lodge is anything but stiff. We’ve created an activity that will help your group stay ready for all of the activities that await them during their stay. Our surprise meeting breaks will invigorate your group with stretching to music guided by our enthusiastic activities team. This break will get the blood flowing and reduce stress. And before meetings resume, ask us about our special trail mix snack activity. Each stretch break lasts approximately 15-20 minutes and requires a minimum of six people.

Cooking Demonstrations

The chefs at Big Cedar have earned quite a following from visitors over the years. Now your group can spend a day in the kitchen with one of them in our Big Cedar Lodge cooking class. Learn a few new culinary tricks as our chef prepares recipes in our state-of-the-art kitchens. The best part is sampling all of the delicious dishes you’ve just learned to create. Participants will leave with a copy of all of the recipes from the cooking class. Other amenities that pair with this activity are available. This activity requires 10 people and a two-hour minimum time commitment.

Game Show Games

Game show fans have something to look forward to at Big Cedar Lodge. We offer casino nights, Minute to Win it, Bingo, the Newlywed Game (and the Not-So Newlywed Game) and Win, Lose or Draw among others. Game show activities make perfect indoor and back-up activities during inclement weather. Game show activities require a 15 person minimum and one-hour time commitment.

Pirate Treasure Scavenger Hunt

To scavenge is to discover and the grounds of Big Cedar Lodge are a treasure trove of adventure. On the pirate treasure hunt, teams will receive a special list of riddles. But this is no landlubber’s game – the search takes place on your very own pontoon boat out on our lake in search of your pirate treasure. After all of the booty is recovered, all pirates will return to land for a pirate song you’ll write together. This activity requires 15 people and a two-hour minimum time commitment.

Land Scavenger Hunt

Only one team will be the fastest and go on to win the Big Cedar exploration challenge. Your group will receive clues to various locations throughout the property with a list of items to find at different locations. Fastest team to finish wins. This activity requires 10 people and a one-hour minimum time commitment.

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Whereas some scavenger hunts require collecting things, our Big Cedar Lodge photo scavenger hunt is all about getting the perfect picture. Each team will receive a digital camera. A list of riddles will reveal the subjects they must find and photograph. No cheating allowed – you’ll have to present your photos as evidence. This activity requires 10 people and a one-hour minimum time commitment.

Paint & Pour

Create a masterpiece with teammates, family or friends! Our Art Instructor will walk you through step-by-step in a fun, laid-back environment. No painting skills are required, and we’ll provide all the supplies needed, including easels, paint, canvas, brushes and an apron. You get to take the apron and your artwork home! This activity requires a minimum of 10 people and has a two-hour minimum time commitment.

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