Total Eclipse of the Sun Passing Through Missouri

On Aug. 21, history will be made in Missouri. A solar eclipse will be viewable in a large portion of Missouri and several other states. The last solar eclipse Missourians witnessed occurred 148 years ago on Aug. 7, 1869.

The path of the 2017 solar eclipse will cross diagonally through Missouri from the northwest to the southeast portion of the state. Parts of the state will experience the eclipse in totality, while other areas will see a partial eclipse. If you’re viewing the eclipse from Branson, you will likely see a partial eclipse starting at approximately 11:44 a.m. Predictions are citing the maximum view time of the partial eclipse from Branson will occur around 1:14 p.m. and end at 2:42 p.m.

If you’re planning on watching for the eclipse, you should practice common safety procedures. Here are a few precautions recommended by NASA for your solar eclipse viewing pleasure:
• Have solar-filtered eyeglasses or “eclipse glasses” to view the partially eclipsed sun. Do not look directly at the eclipse with common sunglasses.
• Look away from the sun while you put your solar filters on, and then turn toward the eclipse. When removing your solar filters, look away first.
• Do not use cameras, mobile devices, or binoculars to view the eclipse, even while wearing eclipse glasses. These devices can increase the concentration of the sun’s rays toward your eyes at dangerous levels. Instead, focus on enjoying the eclipse in the moment with your eye protection!
• Always supervise children while viewing the eclipse, making sure they follow the same safety procedures.

For more information about solar eclipse safety, click here.

Sit back, put your eclipse glasses on and get ready to see history in the making on Aug. 21!

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