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Tuesday, November 13, 2018

BRANSON, MO | Tuesday, November 13, 2018 – Many cities around the country have one impressive Christmas tree that is the center of their holiday celebrations. Branson, however, “America’s Christmas Tree City” has more than 25 trees 25’ or taller. The Branson Christmas Coalition, working year round to inspire, encourage and facilitate Christmas tree displays throughout the area, put a special emphasis on “landmark trees” in 2018, and the community responded like never before.
“The largest new tree we have documented this year is in front of Sight & Sound Theatre and it’s both massive and spectacular,” describes Ann McDowell, Executive Director of the Branson Christmas Coalition. “Their 46’ tree has a 6’ star on top, more than 4,300 LED lights and 1,260 ornaments. It’s an incredible sight to behold in front of their beautiful theater, and a definite ‘must see’ this season.”
The area’s largest tree is the 80’ Christmas Tree of Light, presented by the City of Branson in the Branson Landing Roundabout for the third consecutive year. In addition to those counted for the trees 25’ and taller list, is the collection at Silver Dollar City which is a Christmas tree category all its own. Their five-story animated tree with special effects that light up the City’s entire square in time with
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holiday music is just the start. Silver Dollar City has five more lighted trees that are 40’ or taller. No surprise the theme park was voted the nation’s top holiday celebration by the readers of USA Today.
The new light tree at Cox Medical Center Branson measures 50’ tall and the new fresh cut tree in Liberty Plaza logs in at 25’ high. Both the Branson Convention Center and Branson Landing boast some of the tallest Christmas trees in the area, towering at 40’ and 50’ respectively.
“Our largest new indoor tree this year is at Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant on West Highway 76,” according to McDowell. “Most sizeable trees are outdoors for obvious reasons, but Pasghetti’s has a beautiful, new 25’ tall tree inside their themed dining area this season. The spirit of Christmas is clearly alive and well in our area,” explains McDowell. “Visitors and residents alike enjoy these giant trees. It’s just one way Branson is truly brilliant at Christmas time.”
A complete listing of all the area’s 700+ Christmas trees of all sizes is available on the Branson Christmas Coalition website, www.BransonChristmas.org. For an interactive map to help locate all the traditional, natural, light and creative trees, go to www.BransonChristmas.info and “Tree Tour.”
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Branson Christmas Coalition is a Missouri non-profit focused on improving and enhancing the holiday season in our area. Our plan to be America’s Christmas Tree City includes more than 700 Christmas trees throughout the area that are a brilliant celebration of nature, tradition and creativity. Our area is appealing to holiday travelers by having an amazing variety of the most unique and beautiful Christmas tree displays in the country. This focus provides an ideal way to showcase the natural beauty, creative genius, incredible ingenuity, and genuine love for the true meaning of Christmas that is ever present in Ozark Mountain Country. 2018 is the third year of this effort.
Sight and Sound Theater: NEW 40’ Outdoor Christmas Tree
Silver Dollar City: 50’ Animated, Special Effects Christmas Tree
Pasghetti’s Italian Restaurant: NEW 25’ Indoor Christmas Tree