American Jukebox Show Returns to Branson, Missouri in 2018


Icy Wyatt
Andy Williams Performing Arts Center

Publish Date: 
Wednesday, December 13, 2017

BRANSON, MISSOURI, UNITED STATES, December 13, 2017 / -- BRANSON, MO --- The American Jukebox Show comes home to Branson, Missouri, where the show began. It plays at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theatre from the last week of September through the first two weeks of October 2018.

The show will star the legendary vocal group, The 5th Dimension, which is known for such musical hits as, "Up, Up and Away," "One Less Bell to Answer," "Aquarius/Let the Sun Shine in," and "Wedding Bell Blues."

The 5th Dimension appeared at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theatre in November 2017. As the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theatre owner, Jimmy Osmond, explains, "Audiences were so enthusiastic about The 5th Dimension's performances during the holiday season that we had to ask them to come back. I'm thrilled to say they accepted our invitation, and they'll be starring in a production that means so much to me."

Osmond remembers launching the show back in 2002 at the American Jukebox Theatre in Branson. It featured chart-topping hits from every decade. Osmond fondly recalls, "These were some of America's greatest hits. Everyone loved to sing along to these blasts from the past. And they still do."

The action-packed variety show ran for a couple of years in Branson. Then Osmond took the production on the road to theme parks, cities all across the United States, cruise ships, and overseas. "The American Jukebox Show has evolved over the years. The performers, hosts, and songs change from year to year. There are always surprises, and it's always family-friendly entertainment. Audiences keep coming back, and they experience something different each time they see the show."

Jimmy Osmond will join the American Jukebox Show in October 2018. Until then, he knows the show will be in good hands. "It's great that we have The Fifth Dimension starring in this year's show," he says with a smile. "Branson, get ready! The American Jukebox Show is coming back!"

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