Play Branson Launches New Online Television Show About Branson Entertainers

Publish Date: 
Thursday, April 27, 2017

BRANSON, MO- A new online television show called Play Branson has launched. Play Branson is an all-new online television talk show that will feature different Branson entertainers each week. This online show will also showcase upcoming special events in Branson, new attractions, and visitor tips.

Play Branson is hosted by Chris Myer and co-hosted by Hailey Westrich. A guest entertainer joins them each week to talk about their journey to Branson, interesting facts about themselves, and information about their show. Chris Myer said, “It’s been really fun getting to know more about Branson’s entertainment community. This show helps people connect with our entertainers on a deeper level, which promotes the authentic connections portion of the Branson brand. There is more to our entertainers then the few hours they are on stage.” 

“It is an honor to be a part of a new show like Play Branson. Being able to promote the entertainer’s shows and let others know about all of the exciting events happening in Branson is an absolute pleasure,” says Westrich. Hailey brings a young millennial approach to each episode and shows that younger adults do have an interest in Branson shows.

Play Branson shows can currently be seen on, the Play Branson Youtube page, and are also played in several Branson hotels. New episodes are released each Thursday. Play Branson has already featured a wide variety of entertainers. A few of these have included the King of Branson, Shoji Tabuchi to Branson’s rising comedian Andy Parks. Plans in the future call for launching a website and a new Branson entertainment magazine.