Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park Voted “America’s Best Aerial Adventure Park” by USA TODAY readers.


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Publish Date: 
Friday, May 3, 2019

BRANSON, MO — Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park has been voted America’s Best Aerial Adventure Park through a national public poll conducted by USA TODAYranking the top 20 prominent aerial attractions across North America. Fans were able to cast their vote, propelling Shepherd of the Hills to the top of the list and bringing national recognition to the Ozarks. 

"Thank you and Congratulations on this special Recognition! As a member of the original cast of the play and knowing the impact Shepherd of the Hills has had and continues to have on tourism in our area, I am so pleased for your recognition,” Edd Akers, Mayor of Branson said. “This is a special and creative addition of adventure activities that adds to the rich History of our area.  Thank you for the opportunity to publicly acknowledge your success."

Shepherd’s Adventure Park provides experience for leisure seekers, adrenaline junkies and anyone in between. The park includes a multi-level Ropes Course, a scenic Canopy Zipline Tour, and the highest, longest and fastest zipride in Missouri, the Vigilante Extreme! Guests can also enjoy the best views of the Ozark Mountains at the top of Inspiration Tour and hit the trails on an Off-Road ATV Adventure. 

 Vigilante Extreme Ziprider 

Take hold of your courage and fly on a zipline from the 230-foot Inspiration Tower! Enjoy the gorgeous hills from the sky as you fly through the air! 

 Ropes Course 

Adventure awaits for families or solo-explorers on our Ropes Course. This outdoor structure stands tall next to the iconic Inspiration Tower and boasts the same incredible views coupled with an exciting ascent. 

 Canopy Zipline Tour 

Enjoy the beauty of the Ozark terrain while soaring from tree to tree on the Zipline Canopy Tour. Experience breathtaking views and thrills while zipping across the horizon from unique tree-suspended platforms.

 About Shepherd of the Hills 

Shepherd of the Hills is home to numerous family attractions including live shows, historic homestead tours, Inspiration Tower and the Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park. The famous drama displayed at Shepherd of the Hills is based on the bestselling 1907 book by Harold Bell Wright. Experience the thrilling drama in the exact Ozark Mountains portrayed in the story, complete with 90 actors and actresses, 40 horses and a herd of sheep. The Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park was voted America’s Best Aerial Adventure Park by USA TODAY readers and features the thrilling Vigilante Extreme Ziprider, Ropes Course, ATV Adventure, and Canopy Zipline Tours. 


05.03.19 — Shepherd of the Hills