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Shipwrecked Treasure Museum Souvenir & Gift Shop

505 Branson Landing, Branson, MO 65616
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The Shipwrecked Treasure Museum Gift Shop features a wide variety of whimsical nautical novelties, collectibles, coins, & pirate themed toys & offers the rare opportunity to purchase authentic artifacts, coins, & treasure recovered from historically significant shipwrecks like the:

SS Republic, the famous Civil War ship, which held the largest Civil War treasure ever found;

SS Gairsoppa, the British WWII warship sunk by a German Submarine in over 15,000 ft deep water, from which over 90,000 pounds of silver was recovered;

Pirate era Spanish Galleon Tortugas which sunk in the 1600's loaded with priceless treasure;

& many, many more. 

The museum highlights the discoveries of those shipwrecks & the recoveries of treasures as seen on National Geographic & Discovery Channel. Discover seafaring lore, nautical tales, pirate info, & more. Interactive exhibits let you try recovering coins from ocean floor, feel a Level 1 hurricane, interact with a 3D map of the SS Republic, & more.