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Shipwrecked Treasure Museum

505 Branson Landing, Branson, MO 65616
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An interactive museum filled with priceless treasures, artifacts, and pirate booty.

The artifacts on display were recovered from different ships, including the famous Civil War ship, SS Republic, with the largest Civil War treasure ever found. The British WWII warship, SS Gairsoppa, sunk by German Submarine in over 15,000 ft deep water (over 90,000 pounds of silver was recovered). The Spanish Galleon, Tortugas, sunk in the 1600s. And many, many more. The museum highlights the discoveries & painstaking documentation of shipwrecks and recoveries of artifacts & treasure by Odyssey Marine Exploration as seen on National Geographic Channel and Discovery Channel. Seafaring lore abounds, especially about pirates and their fates. Try your hand at recovering coins from the ocean floor, immerse yourself in a level one hurricane, interact with actual 3D map of SS Republic at bottom of the ocean, test your knot tying skills, and more.