The Seasons of Branson

Branson is near the geographic center of the United States, which means we enjoy all the seasons but relatively few extremes.

Snowfall is infrequent in January and February, and our lakes and rivers almost never freeze. Daily high temperatures during the winter months average 45° F (7° C).

As the days warm up in March, April and May, “Ozark Mountain Spring” comes to life with abundant dogwoods, redbuds, wildflowers, tulips, daffodils and forsythia in bloom. Daily high temperatures average 66° F (19° C) during these months, so the days are perfect for hiking a nature trail or attending one of Branson’s many springtime festivals.

June, July and August days are warm — perfect for swimming or skiing — but not unbearable. The average high temperature in the summer is 87° F (30° C).

Our mountains are known for their fabulous autumn colors, throughout September and October. The slightly cooler temperatures — daily highs average 75° F (24° C) — and lower humidity make this an ideal time of year for being outdoors.

The Branson/Lakes Area transforms into a festive wonderland during November and December, featuring lighting displays, dazzling Christmas shows, theme parks and numerous special events. And, of course, you can’t forget some of America’s best holiday shopping. The Christmas season is generally mild and winter weather is infrequent. Daily high temperatures average 51° F (11° C).

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