Branson CVB Staff Directory

Mailing Address:

Branson/Lakes Area CVB
PO Box 1897
Branson MO 65615
Phone Number: (417) 334-4084
Fax Number: (417) 334-4139


President of Branson Chamber of Commerce and CVB

Pamela Yancey
President & CEO
Extension 301, [email protected]


Marketing Department

TBD (Contact Ashlie Beede or Lynn Berry)
Chief Marketing Officer

Lynn Berry
Director of Communications
Extension 337, [email protected]

Duane Stout
Creative Director
Extension 363, [email protected]

Lauren Hustead
Content Marketing Strategist
Extension 331, [email protected]

Ashlie Beede
Director of Marketing
Extension 330, [email protected]

Annie Epler 
Social Media Manager 
Extension 327, [email protected]  

Jordan Davis
Digital Content Coordinator
Extension 332, [email protected]

Alora Ryan
Website Content Coordinator
Extension 338, [email protected]


Group Sales Department 

Samantha Gutting
Senior Vice President/Chief Sales Officer
Extension 304, [email protected]


Meetings and Conventions

Reed Warner
Director of Meetings & Conventions Sales
Extension 305, [email protected] 

Yvonne Long
Assistant Director of Meetings & Conventions
Extension 321, [email protected]

Gabriel El Hachach
Sales Coordinator
Extension 333, [email protected]



Terra Alphonso, MBA, CMP, & STS
VP, Destination Sales & Sports Development
Extension 324, [email protected]

Stewart Grimm
Sports Sales Manager
Extension 318, [email protected]

Nicole Curbow
Sales Coordinator
Extension 314, [email protected]


Destination Services and Events

JoAnna Curtis
Director of Destination Services
Extension 334, [email protected]

Jarrica Guzman
Event Services Manager
Extension 325, [email protected]



Aaron McCullough
Vice President of Administration
Extension 323, [email protected]

Monica Evinger
Vice President of Government Affairs/Special Assistant to the President
Extension 303, [email protected]

Connie Guzman
Logistics Specialist
Extension 350, [email protected]

Donna Tankersley
Human Resource Manager & Accounts Payable
Extension 308, [email protected]

Marsha Guthrie
Visitor Services Representative
Extension 328, [email protected] 

Francie Hattabaugh
Visitor Services Representative
Extension 328, [email protected] 



Grace Gould
Accounting Manager
Extension 329, [email protected] 

Tena George
Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable Assistant
Extension 339, [email protected]



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