CVB Website & Advertising Policies


General Policies

Tourism-Related Businesses in the Branson/Lakes Area Tourism Community Enhancement District are eligible to be listed on Tourism-related businesses outside of this district may be listed if the Branson CVB determines that a tourist would reasonably assume that business to be a part of the greater Branson area.
Qualifying businesses receive a free listing, which may include:

  • Business name, address, phone numbers and map
  • Web, social media and e-mail links
  • Text description
  • One primary photo and additional photo slideshow 
  • Operating schedule

Area businesses are encouraged to manage their listings at Specific guidelines for the listings are detailed in the “listing policies” below.

Maintaining the accuracy of business listings and schedules, as well as honoring any deals offered, is the responsibility of the business listed.

The Branson CVB retains final editorial approval of any content on and may edit or reject any submission deemed to be inappropriate, incomplete or misleading in any way. Listing Policies

Businesses are assigned (or may choose) one primary business category for their business (such as live shows, hotels, museums, etc.). Businesses may request additional placement in up to four more business categories if they can demonstrate that the categories apply to their business.

  • Businesses may not use ALL CAPS anywhere in their listing unless it’s part of a business name
  • Descriptions should be thorough but brief; Descriptions longer than 1,000 characters may be rejected or edited
  • Descriptions that mention awards must include the name of the organization that gave the award; it is highly recommended whenever possible to list the year that the award was given (i.e. 2016 TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice Award, Male Vocalist of the Year – 2015 Terry Awards)
  • Use of unsubstantiated or unverifiable claims (i.e. "official" or "the best") is prohibited
  • Businesses may not use the trademarks, likeness, brands or names of other businesses unless they can provide the CVB with written permission from the other business that allows for such use
  • Images used for business listings and slideshows must be photographs and not contain any superimposed artwork, words or logos
  • Images used for deals may be either photographs, logos or artwork
  • Businesses may select any amenities or details that reasonably fit their business. NOTE: The exception to this rule is that live shows are limited to choosing no more than three show “types.” This helps ensure that the show filtering remains as relevant as possible for site visitors.
  • Businesses may use the “Related Listings” feature to link one listing to other listings that share one property (i.e. a hotel with a restaurant and marina) or another property that is closely related to the first property (i.e. Hilton Convention Center and Hilton Promenade). Links that do not fit these criteria will be removed.
  • Deals must either be value-added (premium, etc.) and/or discounted (no more than 30% below retail value of the items/services being offered). Businesses may enter as many offers as they would like (within reason). Only text is allowed in the description of deals. If an offer requires attendance at a presentation, another purchase or any other kind of participation, those details must be listed in the Disclaimer section. Calendar of Events Policies

Events may be listed on the Events calendar or Shows calendar if they meet the following criteria:

  • Whether ticketed or free, the event must be open to the general public
  • The event must be deemed by the Branson CVB to be of interest to Branson visitors
  • Businesses or shows that are represented elsewhere on may not list their company’s operations as an event unless: (A) The event is a one-time or limited-time occurrence (i.e. New Year’s Eve Party) (B) Details about the event cannot be included with the businesses’ main listing and ExploreBranson Newsletter Advertising Policies

The Branson CVB offers a number of paid digital advertising opportunities that businesses may use to supplement their free presence on

To qualify to purchase advertising, a business must meet the geographic and eligibility requirements listed above in the general policies.

The size restrictions, dimensions and guidelines for each ad position are spelled out in the most current advertising specifications sheet, which is provided to each advertiser before purchase. If you do not receive this separate document with your ad contract, contact the BLACVB as soon as possible.

  • An advertiser's ads, images and keywords can only use trademarks, company names or brands that the advertiser owns, controls or represents. Exceptions may be made if the advertiser has written permission from a third-party business for such use
  • Any competitive claims or awards mentioned in ads must be attributed to the source making the claim (i.e. "Branson's Best Show")
  • Use of unsubstantiated or unverifiable claims in ads or keywords (i.e. "official" or "the best") is prohibited
  • Any ad that makes an offer but requires participation, a sales presentation or other terms must specify that "conditions apply," "participation required" or "see offer terms" and then clearly state in an obvious manner the terms of the offer on the ad's landing page
  • On contracts longer than six months, advertisers may change the creative once per quarter during the ad term

The Branson CVB reserves the right to edit or reject any ad that it determines to be inappropriate, misleading or unacceptable in any way.