Defy New Heights at The Track Family Fun Parks Skyscraper

Starting in summer 2019, enjoy the latest thrill ride—the Skyscraper—at The Track Family Fun Parks.

Located at Track 3, the Skyscraper’s base tower stands 80 feet tall. Its windmill-style propeller arms, extending 160 feet at their maximum height, will spin up to 60 miles per hour, producing a g-force effect for its riders. In fact, those who dare to ride the Skyscraper will experience up to four G’s, like what a pilot feels when flying a fighter jet! The ride will carry up to four total passengers, with two seated at the end of each propeller arm.

Though much of the ride is in motion, riders will experience a brief stop at the top where they can take in the amazing views of the Entertainment District and surrounding Ozark Mountains. At night the Skyscraper will feature LED lighting, enhancing both the ride experience and the atmosphere on park.

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