Precious Moments Await You on a Day Trip

In 1985, the hottest items in the market were Precious Moments, the small, half-child-half-angel collectibles that seemingly every person alive at the time owned. These figures became the inspiration, focus, and the center-point for the work of art that is the Precious Moments Chapel.

During the years of massive popularity, founder and creator of Precious Moments, Sam Butcher, rented a car and decided to build a “masterpiece for the Lord”—his plan was to create a chapel much like the Sistine Chapel in Rome. With his paintbrush in-hand, Butcher began to paint the inner walls of the chapel and the magnificent ceiling—although the characters in his new work of art were not like Michelangelo’s artwork, but the Precious Moments children. And you can’t overlook the intricate stained glass windows, depicting Precious Moments figures praying, resting, kneeling, or playing. The chapel is filled from floor to ceiling with intricate detail and artistry that continues to amaze guests to this day.

Surrounding the chapel is a museum, fountains, a wedding venue, and a gift shop, all within the beautiful park-like grounds that surround the buildings. Today, visitors can explore the Precious Moments chapel in Carthage, MO (just over an hour from Branson) and see the sanctuary built and designed by Mr. Butcher himself. The chapel is a well-known destination for many day trips from Branson. While at the Chapel, guests can walk the grounds and explore the masterpiece that is Precious Moments.

Mr. Butcher’s monument is placed near the chapel to show guests the heart behind his many years of hard work. It reads:

“I trust that when I'm gone
Our visitors may find
Great comfort in the work of art
That I have left behind.”



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