Coming Soon: Experience Branson’s Aquarium at the Boardwalk

Beginning in 2020 visitors can enjoy a new attraction—Aquarium at the Boardwalk—in the heart of Branson’s Entertainment District. Located on the site of the former Grand Palace, the Aquarium at the Boardwalk will bring new adventure to Branson.

Take a walking journey through the oceans of the world when Aquarium at the Boardwalk splashes its way into Branson. Slated to open in summer of 2020, guests will thrill from up-close views of amazing sea creatures, ranging from colorful fish, seahorses, and jellyfish, to octopi, eels, and sharks.

Before you even get inside the 46,000 square foot aquarium full of amazing sights, you will be mesmerized by the exterior of the building—a larger-than-life giant Pacific octopus—which is sure to become an iconic picture-taking spot.

Once inside, you can explore the oceans of the world as you walk through incredible exhibits such as the Jelly Fish Infinity Room, the Amazing Rays tank and the Coral Reef that is home to dozens of colorful fish . . . and sharks!

Enjoy plenty of interactive fun at the Touch Pool, where you can get up-close-and-personal with a variety of friendly sea creatures. Or head over to the Mermaid Palace where you can hear tales of mermaids safeguarding the sea while you watch schools of fish and seahorses gliding by.

The aquarium focuses on fun, with all kinds of entertaining activities such as taking a photo wearing a high-tech diving suit, coloring a fish and watching it come to life on screen, and climbing through a kelp forest.

Make plans now to visit the Aquarium at the Boardwalk on your trip to Branson in 2020! 

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