IMAX Military Film Festival

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3562 Shepherd of the Hills Expy, Branson, M0 65616
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Free to all Veterans and $6 for any Additional Guests

Box Office opens at 7:30am, Films Begin at 8:30am Each Day


Films for 2023:


Monday, November 6th


General Ben Robinson was the commander of the AWAC wing which is headquartered in Midwest city Oklahoma. He will share his personal experiences following the events of 9/11 and the part he played in America's response to the attack on the Twin Towers.


Tuesday, November 7th

MAGGIE'S WAR: A True Story of Courage, Leadership and Valor in World War II 

Follow 94 year old 82nd Airborne veteran James Maggie Megellas from Wisconsin to Europe where he fought in some of the most savage battles of World War II.Maggie is the most decorated officer in the history of the famed 82nd Airborne Division.


Wednesday, November 8th


Experience this groundbreaking film, the story of the greatest sea disaster in US Navy history, told for the first time by only the men who lived it.In the most top secret Navy mission of World War II, the crew of the heavy cruiser USS Indianapolis delivers components of the atomic bomb to Tinian island. Four days later, two Japanese torpedoes sink the ship in the Challenger Deep, triggering an epic tale of survival. For five days, the 880 men who make it into the water battle searing sun, thirst, hundreds of sharks - and ultimately each other. Just 317 survive - only to band together again in a 50-year fight to clear their captain's name.


Thursday, November 9th


Return to Dak To, a battle that should not have happened, is both a moving and misleading documentary. An engineering company is left to their own defense in a remote northern firebase in 1969. A North Vietnamese army assault was imminent, yet the US had no withdrawal plan. They went through two months of shelling and sniper attacks, with 40% of them becoming casualties. This is the story of four engineers who survived it and came back to Vietnam to finally put the war to rest. They travelled through Vietnam, meeting former enemies, seeing the changes in Vietnam and reached a form of emotional conclusion at the actual battle site. The travel is interspersed with archival footage of the Dak To firebase as it was back then, other GI photographs and interviews with the director's military comrades.


Friday, November 10th


Narrated by actress Jane Lynch. The individual stories of more than two dozen women caught up in World War II, from the American Home Front to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland. Included in this hour-long film are also the personal stories of the incredible women who served in uniform in the military or were "Rosie the Riveters" at home building the tools of war, whether they were black or white. This documentary focuses on the role of women in history's most violent conflict, from the perspective of those who served, witnessed or were caught up in a war that proved women were the equal of men when it came to patriotism, service or in some cases, self-preservation during watershed moments which called steadfastness.