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Canopy Adventure Combo at Wolfe Mountain

2339 US Highway 65, Walnut Shade, MO 65771
Walnut Shade
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Along the journey, you will have the opportunity to admire the canopy floor as you leisurely cross suspension bridges and walkways and fly through the canopy itself by way of zipline. As with all of our canopy experiences, the first ten minutes of your time at Wolfe Creek Preserve will be spent learning the basics of zipline usage. Afterward, you will be transported from Wolfe Creek Station to the top of Wolfe Mountain to begin your adventure. The first portion of the Canopy Adventure Combo has you trekking over running creeks, past majestic bluffs and through the lush canopy of the Ozarks by way of ziplines, suspension bridges and walkways. Additionally, you will ride along Wolfe Creek Preserve's fastest zipline, the Blue Streak Fast Line, standing 25 feet off of the top of Wolfe Mountain. From here you will you speed toward the 100 ft. tower at the base of Wolfe Mountain, and you will reach exhilarating speeds while at times being nearly 150 ft. from the ground!