Veterans Memorials in Branson

Branson is proud to be a top destination for veterans and active duty servicemen to receive both gratitude and respect. Our veterans memorials and museums help preserve the sacrifices of all who have served and are serving.

vet dad with daughter and flag downtown

Catch a glimpse into our veterans memorials and museums, which lead the charge in honoring our nation's heroes in Branson.

Veterans Memorial Museum

1250 W 76 Country Blvd.

Statue of soldiers running and a plane flying in front of the Veterans Memorial Museum

The Veterans Memorial Museum pays tribute to the men and women who fought for our nation’s freedom during the 20th century. The walls of the museum are lined with the names of those killed in action from WWII through the USS Cole bombing. A full-size P-51 Mustang fighter is visible from W 76 Country Blvd. and marks the entrance to the museum. The Veterans Memorial Museum provides a humbling appreciation for those who served and vivid experience of the past century to all guests.

Veterans Memorial Garden

1107 W Main St.

Flag and statue of soldiers in the Veterans Memorial Garden

Created by a former United States Marine and now master gardener, the Veterans Memorial Garden is a somber place of beauty and reflection. The garden honors those who have made the ultimate sacrifice and displayed a willingness to serve. At the heart of the garden is a bronze sculpture titled “Staying Low” that features 12 soldiers scouting mission during World War II. The beauty of the Veterans Memorial Garden may change with the seasons, but the honor the garden represents will always remain.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall at Welk Resort

1984 State Highway 165


The traveling Vietnam Veterans Memorial, known as “The Wall," is the official half-scale replica of the most visited memorial in Washington, D.C., the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. It spans nearly 240 feet in length and lists the more than 58,000 names of the nation’s fallen heroes in the Vietnam conflict. Welk Resorts will also the Opening Ceremony at the Wall on Thursday, November 5, 2020 at 10:00am featuring a keynote speaker and special musical performances.

Veterans Memorials at College of the Ozarks

100 Opportunity Ave., Point Lookout, MO 65726

The patriotic goal of College of the Ozarks is “to encourage an understanding of American heritage, civic responsibility, love of country, and willingness to defend it.” One way the college achieves this goal is through placing educational memorials throughout campus for students, staff and visitors to observe.

The Global War On Terrorism Memorial

Statue of soldier kneeling and service dog in front of the Global War on Terrorism Memorial

The Global War on Terrorism Memorial is the newest addition to College of the Ozarks. It stands to honor modern warriors and their fight against global terrorism. A grieving warrior, a Battlefield Cross, a rifle, an aviator’s helmet and a wounded service dog are depicted in bronze. The sculpture lies in a raised landscape made to represent the terrain of Iraq and Afghanistan. The wall behind the bronze features stained-glass seals of all military branches made by students.

The Missouri Vietnam Veterans Memorial at Patriots Park

Vietnam Veterans Memorial at College of the Ozarks

College of the Ozarks houses the State of Missouri’s Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial. Missouri’s 1,410 fallen heroes are honored here. There are two separate walls in the memorial, symbolizing the division in the country at the time of the war. Between the two walls is a statue representing those who served in the Vietnam War and returned home with its memories. In the heart of the memorial is a “V”-shaped flower bed full of red roses. The “V” stands for valor and the red roses represent the blood shed by those in service.

The Korean War Memorial

Korean War Memorial at College of the Ozarks

The Korean War Memorial pays tribute to over 37,000 fallen heroes. The sculpture in the middle of the memorial portrays two service members grieving over the loss of their brother in arms. The memorial reminds viewers that all war involves true sacrifice and deep pain.

The Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial

Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial at College of the Ozarks

Every detail in the Missouri Gold Star Families Memorial aims to respect the sacrifices made by servicemember families in the homeland. One side of the monument pays tribute to all Gold Star Mothers, Fathers and Relatives in the Nation who lost a loved one in military service. The other side symbolizes the Gold Star Families sacrifices present in the State of Missouri.

Veterans Grove

Veterans Grove is located just outside of College of the Ozarks’ Patriots Park. The students at the college are often given the chance to participate in the patriotic travel program, where they are paired with a veteran and travel back to a place of war in that veteran’s history. Once a veteran has participated in the college’s patriotic travel program, a tree is planted in their honor, and an engraved stone is placed at the foot of the tree.

The Alumni Veterans Memorial

The Alumni Veterans Memorial can be found in the heart of the College of the Ozarks campus. The memorial contains the names of the College of the Ozarks alumni who have served in the armed forces and ultimately sacrificed their lives in service to the nation’s freedom.

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