Ballparks of America in Branson

Ballparks of America is home to several small-scale replica fields and hosts teams from around the country and even international teams.

If you've ever stepped foot into a Major League Baseball stadium, you can probably remember how you felt entering the gates and standing on some of baseball’s most hallowed grounds. Do you remember the excitement of catching

Aerial view of baseball fields in Branson.

your first glimpse of the field through the large atriums? Or perhaps you recall the sound of a bat cracking against the ball or the voice of the umpire calling “SAFE!” to a close-call slide into home plate. For many people, these are unforgettable experiences, and they can relive those memories, and make new ones, right here in Branson.

Fenway Park, Busch Stadium, and Wrigley Field are among the crowd of small-scale replica fields at Ballparks of America. It features a large 16-field complex, six of which resemble America’s iconic parks. The parks are also be home to dormitories for coaches and players. 

The fields were built on the grounds of the former “Red Roof Mall,” where developers re-purposed the structures to serve as the buildings for the baseball complex.

And there’s no doubt it's a home run.

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