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Aquarium at the Boardwalk (Now Open!)

2700 W 76 Country blvd, Branson, MO 65616
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At Aquarium at the Boardwalk, guests will thrill from up-close views of amazing sea creatures ranging from colorful fish, seahorses, and jellyfish, to octopi, eels, and sharks! Aquarium at the Boardwalk is one of the newest things to do in Branson, Missouri, and is unlike any other aquarium you've visited. Some features that visitors can expect to enjoy are more than 250 different animal species, an original 5D submarine adventure to the bottom of the seasharks, a 24-foot high Kelp Forest climbing structure for kidsstingrays, a gorgeous 16-foot view of a coral reef, two mirrored art installations that give the sense of infinite ocean lifelionfish, and more than 7,200 individual sea animals! Guests will also meet the Aquarium's characters Aquarius, the wise and helpful Giant Pacific Octopus and Finn, the adventurous Golden Puffer. Not only will these animals be the first they see on the Boardwalk, Aquarius the Octopus is represented in numerous ways throughout the experience, beginning with the 55-foot tall stainless steel sculpture wrapped around the front of the building. Since octopuses are masters of camouflage, Aquarius can also be found hiding in nine fun ways throughout the experience.​