Billy Bob's: A Branson Tradition

You might not notice Billy Bob’s Dairyland when traveling down the famous Highway 76 in Branson.

After all, it’s a small brick building with relatively minimal signage. Set among some of the route’s monolithic theaters, massive neon signs and a huge replica of King Kong climbing the EmpireStateBuilding, it’s easy to see how this spot might get overlooked.

But locals know this is THE place to get a great burger in Branson. And thanks to one of the world’s top travel websites, visitors are learning more about this long-time Branson favorite.

Earlier this year, Billy Bob’s Dairyland was named one of America’s 10 Most Delectable Burger Joints by the folks at TripAdvisor. Sitting in the No. 4 position on the list, Billy Bob’s joined spots from as far away as Hawaii and as close as Oklahoma.

So what makes Billy Bob’s so special? For starters, the décor is a throwback to the 1950s. You can sit at the lunch counter and enjoy a shake while you wait for your freshly prepared hamburger. The prices are very reasonable (a burger and fries combo is about $7) and the food is incredible. 

The menu at Billy Bob’s includes a handful of choices, but burgers and shakes are the staples here.

See what other visitors have to say about Billy Bob’s on TripAdvisor and make plans to visit the next time you’re in Branson. Fittingly, Billy Bob’s is located at the Corner of Highway 76 and Dr. 

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. It’s good, indeed.


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