Mountain Coasters in Branson

Cruise down one of two mountain coasters in Branson – The Runaway Mountain Coaster and The Branson Coaster. These alternatives to thrilling roller coasters use gravity for momentum and put you in control of the speed.

Father and son riding the Runaway mountain Coaster.

Branson has its fair share of thrilling rollercoasters, but guests visiting Branson are now enjoying a new kind of thrill – mountain coasters. Tracks are built on the side of a mountain so that gravity pulls the rider down and around corners. Riders sit in bobsled-like cars and, unlike traditional roller coasters, control their own speed.

The Runaway Mountain Coaster

Thrilling guests with its amazing ride, the Runaway – the chief attraction at Branson Mountain Adventure Park – features nearly a mile of track and allows riders to reach speeds of up to 30 mph. If that’s too fast for you, no worries! You’re in control of the ride and each cart comes with a braking system for you to use. As you glide down the tracks, the beauty of the Ozark Mountains may rush by in a blur, creating an outdoor experience you won’t soon forget.


Mountain Coaster car gliding on the track in Branson.

Tight corners and two, 360-degree horizontal loops guarantee a great ride on this highly esteemed Branson attraction. Oh, and if your vacation days are too packed you can ride at night, under the lights. Check their website for details.

The Branson Sawmill

Like the Runaway, The Branson Sawmill uses the region’s topography to its maximum advantage. Here you can zoom down the original Branson Coaster and fly to new heights on the new Branson Buzzsaw swinging ride.


Two girls riding inside a mountain coaster car on a track in Branson.

Riders on The Branson Coaster experience a 100-foot elevation change early in the ride and then maneuver through a series of twists and turns as they make their way toward the finish line. But that’s just the beginning! A mechanical system moves your cart into the second phase of the ride, which includes a free-fall-like feeling you won’t forget.

Add these mountain coasters to your list of Branson attractions to check out during your visit!

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