8 Reasons You Should Visit Branson, Missouri

Branson’s live shows, natural beauty and culinary delights await you.

Family walking by Branson Mural in Downtown Branson.

Branson Mural in Downtown Branson

Want to find the top things to do in Branson, Missouri? Look no further! Read on to discover eight reasons to plan a Branson vacation.


#1. Branson’s Got Talent

Whether you’re looking for a fun outdoor concert or one of the 100-plus live shows performing in Branson theaters throughout the year, there’s no shortage of entertainment options during your visit. Fans of country music, rock, gospel, patriotic, comedy, magic and everything in between will find something to love here. There’s even an amazing pet show!



#2. Really Great Outdoors

You’ll find amazing natural beauty in every direction. Swimming, hiking, fishing, sailing, kayaking, paddle boarding, grilling or chilling—no matter how you like to spend time outside, you’ll find plenty of opportunities for outdoor adventure in Branson. There are three lakes, dozens of miles of trails, a variety of campgrounds and plenty of adventure all waiting nearby. Branson is also home to several spots that are sure to make your Instagram pop!


#3. Surprises


There are plenty of surprises waiting for you in Branson. You might not expect to find troupes of Chinese acrobats or pink jeeps, but those are both regularly occurring sights here. We’ve got plenty of things to astonish.


#4. Spectacular Water Features

Speaking of surprises, the fountains at Branson Landing were designed by the same company that created the iconic display at the Bellagio Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. Drop by for a free show at the top of every hour during the day to see the fountains shoot water and fire synchronized to music. You’ll also find shopping, attractions and dining galore.


#5. Local Favor


If you’re a dedicated foodie or just love to find one-of-a-kind dining discoveries, then you’ll want to explore what’s on the menu here. There’s locally distilled whiskey and moonshine, free tastings of Missouri-grown wines, lively local coffee shops, the home of “throwed rolls,” pies galore and delicious BBQ, just to name a few of the experiences you and your taste buds will cherish during your visit. 

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#6. Rest and Relaxation

Great vacations usually include a little rest and relaxation, and you’ll find plenty of that in Branson. You can relax on a boat, in a cabin, or during a nice walk in the woods. Need more relaxation? Then maybe a day at the luxurious Cedar Creek Spa at Big Cedar Lodge is just what you seek.


#7. Major Thrills

Time Traveler at SDC

If you prefer to get your heart pounding, there’s plenty of action in Branson. Here, “hanging out” can be done at 60-plus miles per hour on an inverted roller coaster at one of the top theme parks in Missouri, Silver Dollar City. There’s also the Branson Ferris Wheel—formerly called the Navy Pier Ferris Wheel—that moved to Branson from Chicago in summer of 2016. Head to The Track Family Fun Parks for a gravity-defying good time on the Skyscaper, or compete against your friends and family in a high-speed go-kart race. Don’t miss miles of zip lining, snow tubing and much more.


#8. Quality Time with Friends & Family


It’s easy to enjoy spending time with friends or family (or both) in Branson. No matter what your crew enjoys doing, there are plenty of fun activities, entertaining shows, natural wonders and more to turn a quick getaway or a long stay into a memorable vacation.

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Branson Landing fountain on a sunny day.
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