Have Fun at One of Our Mini Golf Courses

Branson is famous for many facets of family entertainment: Shows, museums, magic, rides and water recreation are just a few of the ways visitors make memories every day. But Branson also boasts its own share of another classic family activity: miniature golf courses.

Who doesn't love aiming for the clown's mouth or trying to avoid the windmill? Whether it's a traditional mini-golf course with props and hazards or a modern glow-in-the-dark course with plenty of visual effects, you can find it in Branson. Want to take the full tour? Try your hand at Branson's top mini-golf courses and see if your game is up to par.

Back to the 50s

2801 E. State Highway 76
Located in the heart of Branson, the challenging 18-hole mini-golf course boasts a serene setting packed full of classic 1950s décor. Families love the affordable course that offers an old-fashioned game of mini golf set to the tune of favorite golden oldies and in a convenient location.

The Tracks

Multiple locations
The Tracks Family Fun Parks may be best known for their exciting go-kart tracks located throughout Branson, but they also feature plenty of other games and activities, including two mini-golf courses. Players can try their hands at a classic game at the 18-hole course located at Track 3 (2505 W. 76 Country Boulevard), where they can explore and putt their way through an old mining town. Afterward, they can trot down the street to Track 5 (3525 W. 76 Country Boulevard) and tackle the Route 76 Glow Golf, a custom-designed 9-hole course lit by black lights and featuring models of some of Branson's most famous landmarks and attractions.


2925 Shepherd of the Hills Expressway
Mini-golfers can relax and play along the banks of a babbling brook at the Brookside course. Masterly landscaped to include waterfalls, fountains and even misters to keep players cool, the grounds feature two golf courses to extend visitors hours of enjoyment. The beautiful course also features nicely-kept greens and flags at each cup, resembling a traditional golf course. The lack of cartoonish props and scenery makes Brookside an ideal fit for more serious mini-golfers.

Shoot for the Stars

3110 W. 76 Country Boulevard

Putt your way to fame at Branson's Shoot for the Stars mini-golf course, which includes 18 holes that feature Hollywood landmarks such as Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Capitol Records and the Hollywood Bowl, as well as plenty of palm trees, parties and paparazzi. Each hole also offers golfers tips on how to become at star, and a wisecracking agent, Marty McBooster, guides the journey with hilarious words of advice.

Cave Country

423 Fairy Cave Lane, Branson West

Visitors touring Talking Rocks Cavern love to enjoy a classic game of miniature golf before or after their tours – or both! Cave Country Mini Golf, a mostly shaded 9-hole course, features a cascading waterfall and plenty of fun props, in addition to a sinkhole housing the first hole. As they play, golfers learn about groundwater, sinking streams and other interesting facts about the water cycle and the canyon – Talking Rocks refers to it as "edutainment."

Wild World 3D Adventure

2020 W. Highway 76

Mini-golf enthusiasts, as well as amateurs love to experience the 3-D black-lit miniature golf course at Branson's Wild World Animal Adventure Park and Aquarium. Set amid the venue's snakes, crocodiles, frogs and lizards, the 9-hole course features plenty of illuminated pirates, a jungle, a treasure cave, a volcano and a pirate island. Golfers can even add an extra level of dimension and excitement to their games by wearing available 3-D glasses.

Grand Country Resort

1945 W. 76 Country Boulevard
Branson's grandest family destination offers visitors a complete vacation experience all in one location. Located in the heart of Branson's entertainment district, Grand Country Resort features a water park, arcade, laser tag, restaurants, lodging, shopping, shows and miniature golf. The resort's three mini-golf courses include black lights, 3-D, plenty of obstacles and a farm theme.

  • Farm Mini Golf Grand Country's newest course takes guests back home to the farm while playing two different courses, each featuring life-size animated farm animals, as well as barns, ponds, coops and more. Special sensors bring the outdoor course to life by activating animations and sound effects as golfers progress through the game.
  • Indoor Golf Grand Country's classic indoor course, named one of the top 10 mini-golf courses by USA Today, features 36 holes of exciting game play, complete with waterfalls, rivers, plenty of obstacles and a good old-fashioned Ozarks' rainstorm every 30 minutes.
  •  White River Black Light Test your mini-golf skills at Grand Country's interactive course that will take you through the sights and sounds of old river towns. As you play your way through the 3-D black-lit course, you'll experience river boats, fishing and kids painting fences in the style of Tom Sawyer. It's truly a miniature-golf course you have to see to believe, thanks to state-of-the-art computer-generated special effects and animations throughout.

Pirate's Cove

2901 Green Mountain Drive

Branson's ultimate mini-golf experience, Pirate's Cove features two 18-hole courses, designed to promote family fun. The award-winning courses include elaborately-themed buildings, cascading waterfalls, exotic fauna and even a full-scale pirate ship. One step onto the course and golfers and magically transported into the 18th-century world of carousing pirates. Pirate's Cove was named the best mini-golf in Branson by both Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Dinosaur Canyon

2501 Green Mountain Drive

Follow the fictional Professor Duffer Hacker as he seeks his way through a volcanic canyon inhabited by creatures thought to be extinct. Dinosaur Canyon features two 18-hole mini-golf courses and a volcano that blows real fire, surrounded by waterfalls, caves, streams, ruins and giant lizards. Players love the exciting scenery and putting around T. Rex, stegosaurus and all their dinosaur pals makes for lasting family memories.

Lost Treasure

3346 W. Highway 76

It's once again time to follow Professor Hacker, this time as he leads two expeditions to the Fogclift Islands to search for ancient gold and diamond mines. Golfers take a mining car to the top of a mountain to putt their way through an exciting expedition. The location features two 18-hole courses, as well as a mining train that takes players from the clubhouse to the first hole. As they embark on their putting adventure, golfers also encounter a host of waterfalls, streams, ruins and even an airplane.

Greatest Adventures

4800 N. Gretna Road

The 36-hole themed miniature-golf course, located in the heart of Branson, includes medieval castles, knights, waterfalls, caves, gorillas, Egyptian artifacts and even a smoking dragon. Divided into two 18-hole courses, Greatest Adventures features two separate themes: medieval and Egyptian, as might be assumed from the aforementioned props and scenery. Golfers can choose to play either one or two games, or they can splurge for the all-day pass. Greatest Adventures also offers an onsite restaurant, serving golfers cold drinks and tasty meals before, after or in-between games.

Bigfoot Adventure Golf 

3608 W. Hwy 76

Bigfoot Adventure Golf™ is an amazingly themed mini-golf adventure that will leave you in awe over the 18-hole course. Marvel at Bigfoot's tracks, woodlands, research lab, and frozen tundra as you make your way along the 18 different putt-putt holes. Walk through a cave decorated with glow in the dark and blacklight paintings of bats, a wolf, and all other kinds of creepy-crawlies. The course even has 9 of the 18 holes that are ADA accessible holes, making it enjoyable even for those who've got physical disabilities. Try and track down Bigfoot by making your way through this course, and following the footprints as you move along each hole.

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