Top Shots: Branson Mini Golf

If you're looking for a way to have fun with the family while working on your short game, a night of mini golf might be just what you need. With countless courses across town, let us be your guide to creating your Branson mini golf tour.

Pirate_s Cove Over the Ramp

No matter how old you are, a game of mini golf is a great way to feel like a kid again. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get out there and try your hand at some of Branson’s top shots.

Bigfoot Adventure Mini Golf

Bigfoot in the Bushes_Mini_Golf_

Overall Theming: On this course, your group will cross rivers and explore caves to track down America’s favorite monster, Bigfoot. This theme is brought to life with narrow pathways, making some golfers push past bushes and foliage to complete the “wilderness” theme. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for evidence of Bigfoot activity.

Overall Challenge: Ranked as one of the top mini golf courses in the state, according to TripAdvisor reviews, Bigfoot Adventure is a great place to start your Branson Mini Golf Tour. Here, you’ll find a strong balance between simple and more challenging courses. Keep in mind that, many of the courses tend to be a bit narrow, and when combined with the slower putting greens, you might need to put a little more power behind your putts than expected.


Pirate's Cove Adventure Golf

Pirate_s Cove Down the Mountain

Overall Theming: At Pirate’s Cove, the dedication to the theme is front and center even before you pick up a putter. With several waterfalls, caves, and a full-scale pirate ship, players will feel like they’re following along a treasure map. The best part of Pirate’s Cove is how set pieces, like the pirate ship, are integrated into the course. Several holes also feature unique and fun water hazards to keep players on their toes.

Overall Challenge: Often considered Branson’s “ultimate” mini golf experience, Pirate’s Cove is equal parts fun and challenging, making this a great time for teens and more experienced mini golfers looking for a challenge. Players looking to win will have to take full advantage of the many shortcuts and tunnels hidden along each hole. As an extra bonus, a player who lands a hole-in-one on the “Hole-of-the-Day” can win a free round of golf.


Shoot for the Stars Mini-Golf


Overall Theming: In the world of mini golf, it can be refreshing to hit a course with a theme outside the usual “adventure” look and feel. This is one of the many shining elements of Shoot for the Stars, as the course is decked out in a Golden Age of Hollywood theme. Along this 18-hole course, players take on the starring role of Hollywood’s next idol, with each hole becoming another step on their rise to fame. This includes checking out many Hollywood landmarks like Capitol Records and the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Overall Challenge: When it comes to challenges, this course leans on the easier side of things. With straightforward putts and few obstacles within the field of play, the real challenges here come down to your ability to judge the power needed to sink your putt. However, there are still plenty of holes that reward taking aim at risky shortcuts. This makes Shoot for the Stars a great course for a variety of players but might leave more experienced mini golfers looking for more action.


World of Wizards Indoor Black-light Mini Golf

World of Wizards Mini golf Loop

Overall Theming: If you or anyone in your group is a fan of fantasy, new and old, this is the course for you. World of Wizards takes a great amount of pride in its theming, referencing everything from Harry Potter to Dungeons and Dragons. This makes each room you find unique and fun to explore, with an exciting finale as a massive animatronic dragon guards the 18th hole. Now, what really brings the World of Wizards to life are the 3D glasses and black light effects.

Overall Challenge: When it comes to this course, the overall difficulty will come down to using the 3D glasses. When in use, the glasses can have an impact on your depth perception, and the 3D effects can play tricks on your eyes, causing some obstacles to appear bigger than they are. That said, even if you choose to skip the glasses, the course still has a wide spectrum of difficulty. Ranging from simple to surprisingly challenging, the course can leave some members of your party running out of strokes.


Lost Treasure Golf

Lost Treasure Overview Mini Golf

Overall Theming: While any mini golf course can have a theme, very few of them demand your attention like Lost Treasure Golf. With a crashed plane perched on the edge of a cliff, a train running around the valley, and multiple rushing waterfalls, this course is almost guaranteed to catch your eye. It starts off with a train ride around the course, giving your group a peek at what’s ahead. From here, you’ll follow University of Chicago Professor Duffer A. Hacker, as he searches for lost gold and diamond mines in 1920s South America.

Overall Challenge: At Lost Treasure, the overall challenge is up to you, with two distinct mini golf courses: the Gold Trail and the Diamond Trail, the harder of the two. However, both courses have similar characteristics. The putting greens play fast, so it doesn’t take much to send your ball flying. Most courses have large open areas behind the hole, meaning accuracy is key to winning.


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