Bigfoot on the Strip

If you were excited to learn Branson would become the home of the popular Navy Pier Ferris Wheel (from Chicago) in 2016, you’ll be downright pumped about another big arrival.

A towering attraction dubbed Bigfoot, new to the 76 Country Boulevard Strip in 2017, offers adventure seekers – and folks who simply want to take in commanding views of the Ozarks – another attraction to enjoy in Branson.

Bigfoot is located across from the World’s Largest Toy Museum and White Water on the 76 Strip. Other nearby attractions are the Tracks Family Fun Parks Track 5, Branson Military Museum and Xtreme Racing Center.

Bigfoot’s focal point is a 200-foot tower that hosts what are sure to become some of Branson’s most popular thrill rides. In all, visitors have two experiences from which to choose:

• A drop ride that takes riders 200 feet into the air before they begin a free fall back down toward the ground.

• A saddle swing ride that launches riders (two at a time) 200 feet up before they are released and begin flipping end-over-end as they return toward the ground.

The Bigfoot property also contains other play areas. Play state-of-the-art games in the Bigfoot Arcade, test your putting skills at the Bigfoot Adventure golf course, and race through underground tunnels and obstacles in the Bigfoot Yeti Play Zone and Monkey Jump. 

Visitors even have the chance to hunt for Bigfoot himself on the Bigfoot Discovery Expedition. Guests have the chance to become a part of the Bigfoot research team and ride a safari truck through the Ozark Mountains while catching a glimpse of Scottish Highland cattle. The expedition is sure to leave riders with exciting memories of hunting for one of the most mysterious creatures of all time. 

In addition to The Bigfoot Discovery Expedition, another hunt for Bigfoot with special effects is currently in the works. Keep watching for updates on this thrilling addition to Branson’s already stellar lineup of attractions, and stay up to date with all things Branson by visiting us on Facebook.

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