6 Adrenaline Pumping Adventures in Branson

Branson is home to the best live shows and outdoor activities in the Midwest, but did you know it’s also a favorite spot among thrill-seekers and daredevils? 

Man riding on outdoor zipline at an adventure park in Branson.

From exhilarating free falls to award-winning rollercoasters, real adventure begins in Branson. This itinerary will take you from zero to 60!

Silver Dollar City's Time Traveler

Loop of Time Traveler ride at Silver Dollar City.

Silver Dollar City’s largest coaster ever, Time Travel, begins with a ten-story, 90-degree drop launch and jumps from zero to 47 miles per hour in just three seconds. While traveling through the dive loop, vertical loop and zero-gravity roll, riders spin right-side up and upside down. This thrilling coaster will be a favorite for any adrenaline seeker!

Ejection Seat At Branson Frontier Adventures

Ejection Seat At Branson Frontier Adventures.

Located on the W 76 Country Blvd., a human slingshot known as the Ejection Seat launches riders 175 feet into the air, bouncing all around and upside down until gravity finally regains control. The initial blastoff creates uncontrollable pounding in the heart, a surprise for which most riders can never prepare.

The Branson Skyscraper

Large spinning attraction in Branson.

Prepare for a G-force effect as you are extended through the air on two vertical windmill-like propeller arms, which extend 170 feet at their maximum height and spin up to 60 miles per hour during the ride. Skyscraper riders will experience up to four G's, similar to what a pilot feels when flying a fighter jet! Halfway through the ride, you can expect a pause at the top to take in an amazing aerial view of Branson's entertainment district and the surrounding Ozarks hills. With its extensive LED light display, it gets even cooler at night!

Kapau Plummet At White Water

Taking the plunge at KaPau Plummet in White Water

It’s the kind of liquid adrenaline rush only in Branson! LA Times, NBC and the “Today Show” all agree and voted KaPau Plummet a must-ride water slide when it opened in 2014. This extreme adventure begins 40 feet above the ground inside a mammoth, 245-foot waterslide. Just as doubt begins to set in — the floor drops — down an exhilarating, 26-feet-per-second free fall until the final splash landing.

Shepherd Of The Hills Vigilante Extreme Ziprider

A group launching at 50 miles per hour on the Ziprider at Shepard of the Hills.

On the Vigilante Extreme Ziprider, you will launch from the 170-foot-tall Inspiration Tower, and reach 50 miles per hour during a 0.5 mile ride. You will also catch an unmatched view of Branson and the Ozark Mountains before and during your flight. Historic Shepherd of the Hills features many more thrilling elements across the Homestead like the Adventure Park, Zipline Canopy Tour and ATV Adventures.

Runaway Mountain Coaster

Father and daughter on Runaway Mountain Coaster.

The Runaway Mountain Coaster at Branson Mountain Adventure Park takes the advantage of Branson’s natural terrain to give every adrenalin junkie an exciting ride. This Coaster allows every rider to go at their own pace by being seated in individual carts with breaks. You can either sit back and enjoy the beautiful scenery or you can fly down the winding ridge for a thrilling experience.

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