Spectacular Colors, Amazing Views

Fall in the Ozarks is an explosion of color, and many people travel from around the country to watch the mountainsides, balds, glades and lakeshores transition from vibrant greens ... to yellows ... to oranges ... to reds, and then slough off their fall dress to make way for Christmastime.

The trees and plants typically begin to show their fall colors in early October, and "peak" foliage viewing is typically in late October and early November. Nature's "big show" is usually wrapping up about the time Branson celebrates Veterans Week.

Beautiful fall foliage can be seen practically everywhere in the Lakes Area, but we've put together a variety of self-guided driving tours that take you to some of the most spectacular spots for leaf-gazing in the central United States.

Feel free to print these driving tours as inspiration on your way to some real Ozarks inspiration. Bring a camera ... or a blank canvas ... and be prepared to be awestruck.

We recommend before starting any tour of the area that you stop by our Welcome Center at U.S. Hwy. 65 and State Hwy. 248 for free maps of the area, as well as info about attractions you'll find along the way. All the driving tours assume the Welcome Center as the starting point for the tour.